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This is the Official site for Jamestown, ND!


Rec & Comp will run Sept 8th - Oct. 17/18

*Please check the registration tab under 'Rec & Comp.' at the top for details!

  • All JSC players must be registered. The registration will now include a Covid-19 waiver and updated/adjusted competitive fees. Rec fees remain unchanged. The registration will be updated as soon as possible, tomorrow, Monday, May 18th. For those that have NOT registered, please wait until tomorrow so that Sports Engine can make the necessary fee and waiver changes. For those that have registered, more information will be sent regarding fee compensation and waiver addendum. I will try to have that email sent as early as possible tomorrow. In the event Sports Engine doesn't make the changes we will have a temporary waiver that parents/guardians will need to sign at the beginning of practice when you answer the health questions (see below).


  • Parents must check their child(ren)'s temperature before practice.


  • Parents will make their child(ren) has gone to the bathroom before practice. Restrooms at Hillcrest will be closed until further notice


  • Parents will make sure their child(ren) have a size appropriate ball, water and is properly equipped. Equipment details below. The water fountain at Hillcrest will no be turned on.


  • Parents will adhere to the pick-up and drop off-procedures (listed below).


  • Parents are allowed to stay and wait/watch at Hillcrest provided you remain in your car at all times. Parents may not congregate in the parking lot. Failure to abide by this will result in parents not being allowed at Hillcrest.


  • All practices will take place at Hillcrest. In the event of inclement weather, JSC will cancel practice. It will be made up. JSC will not use indoor facilities during this time.


Drop Off & Pick-up Procedure

  • Parents enter the WEST PARKING LOT ONLY.


  • Follow the path marked by the white lines to the concession building and stop to answer health questions. Upon answering the questions, you child(ren) may exit the vehicle and you may either leave the parking lot or park your car.


  • Parents must drive their child(ren) to practice as you must answer two health questions about your child(ren).
  • 1. Has your child traveled outside Jamestown or your city of residence in the last 14 days?
  • 2. Has your child had a temperature above normal (98 degrees) in the last 24 hours.
  • If you answer yes to either question your child will not be allowed to participate.
  • Players, 18 or over may answer for themselves. Players under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian answer for them. Therefore players, who don't have their parent/guardian answer these questions, will not be allowed to practice. NO EXCEPTIONS!


  • Parents will pick their child up in the west parking lot.


During practice:

  • Players equipment includes: cleats/athletic shoes, shinguards and socks covering shinguards and any personal protection equipment, such as masks or gloves. GK Gloves are encouraged! A bag is strongly recommended to keep their belongings contained. JSC will not provide masks or gloves.
  • Bags/water bottles will be placed 6 feet apart.
  • Should a player fail to respect the 6ft rule, they will be asked to sit out. Further defiance will result in removal from practice. This refers to more of the general discipline (ex: during a water break). Soccer contact/context doesn't apply.
  • Social distancing will be maintained during water breaks.


JSC coaches (For your information)

  • Will sanitize equipment after practice. Bibs will not be used in the beginning.
  • Players will not move goals, benches, or cones.
  • Sessions will adhere to the 6ft rule.
  • Sessions will conclude with "play" at the end consisting of small sized game. Practice will mainly focus on technical skills as contact will be limited.


After practice:

  • Upon returning home - Parents please wash the apparel and equipment. This includes the ball. Players should wash hands.


JSC will provide sanitization stations during practice that consist off hand sanitizer, tissues, and trash cans.

JSC Reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the "season" for any reason. Safety is our paramount concern.

Jamestown Parks and Rec will observing us. Failure to maintain these guidelines will result in us losing Hillcrest.

Mission Statement

Jamestown Soccer Club serves by providing opportunities for all ages to play and experience the sport of soccer in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

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Vision Statement

Jamestown Soccer Club will provide age and skill specific curriculum with an emphasis on long-term technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social development for players ages 5-18. 

Sponsored by First Community Credit Union

First Community Credit Union

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