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We are so sorry to inform everyone that Winter I Session has been cancelled!  We will start back up after the new year with Winter II Session!  Happy Holidays!

This is the Official site for Jamestown, ND!

Wreath Fundraiser

Our Annual Wreath Fundraiser is over!  Thank you so much for to the families who sold wreaths for the club!  Every dollar raised is going to be used to reduce registration costs for our summer program!  JSC is a non-profit organization and we rely on the efforts of our members!

Wreaths will be in on Nov. 19/20 and will be ready for distribution.  Times will be sent out in an email closer to the date. You are responsible for delivering the wreaths you sell.

Contact or for more information.  We appreciate your help!

Mission Statement

Jamestown Soccer Club serves by providing opportunities for all ages to play and experience the sport of soccer in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

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Vision Statement

Jamestown Soccer Club will provide age and skill specific curriculum with an emphasis on long-term technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social development for players ages 5-18. 

Sponsored by First Community Credit Union

First Community Credit Union

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Welcome new sponsor!  We are proud to welcome FCCU as our new sponsor for the Jamestown Soccer Club!  Thank you for your support!

Click the logo or link to find out more about FCCU and the services they offer.

Sponsored by Sanford Health

Sanford Health

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We are proud to welcome Sanford Health to our organization as the first official sponsor of the Jamestown Soccer Federation.  Thank you for your support!

Click the logo or link to find out more about Sanford Health and the services they offer.

Weather Details for Jamestown

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HillCrest Map

Click the following link to view/download the field map for Hillcrest