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2021 Flower Fundraiser

This spring our Fundraiser is selling flower bulbs! This is a great way to help out Jamestown Soccer Club, but also there are big incentive for flower sales in JSC credit. Top sales – 1st Place $100.00 credit, 2nd place $75.00 credit and 3rd place $50.00 credit. Benchmark sales - $500.00 and above in sales will earn a $75.00 credit, $400.00 in sales will earn a $50.00 credit and $300.00 in sales will earn a $25.00 credit. If you would like a booklet to start selling or need to turn in orders, please email All money needs to be collected at the time of the order and please make checks out to Jamestown Soccer Club!

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This is the Official site for Jamestown, ND!

Spring/Summer Soccer registration is just around the corner!

Spring Rec will run two sessions, first being from April 12 - May 22 and the second will be June 1st- July 11th! 

Competitive Soccer will run from March 29th - July 11th!  We are excited to be able to compete in 5 different tournaments!  More information to come!

Stay tuned for updates when the registration is available!


Mission Statement

Jamestown Soccer Club serves by providing opportunities for all ages to play and experience the sport of soccer in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

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Vision Statement

Jamestown Soccer Club will provide age and skill specific curriculum with an emphasis on long-term technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social development for players ages 5-18. 

Sponsored by First Community Credit Union

First Community Credit Union

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Welcome new sponsor!  We are proud to welcome FCCU as our new sponsor for the Jamestown Soccer Club!  Thank you for your support!

Click the logo or link to find out more about FCCU and the services they offer.

Sponsored by Sanford Health

Sanford Health

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We are proud to welcome Sanford Health to our organization as the first official sponsor of the Jamestown Soccer Federation.  Thank you for your support!

Click the logo or link to find out more about Sanford Health and the services they offer.

Weather Details for Jamestown

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HillCrest Map

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